Making Crosses Review

Making crosses by Ellen Morris Prewitt is part of the Active Prayer Series by Paraclete Press, which I happen to love so far.

From the Introduction of Making Crosses:

The building blocks of cross making are quite simple:

1. Take what the world doesn’t value and make it into a work of God.

2. Reject the materialism of this world, in your own small way, by reusing discarded materials and giving them new, godly life.

3. Engage in an activity that takes you directly into communion with God.

Making Crosses teaches us to take broken and discarded objects and make them new. As an offering, a prayer.  What an amazing way to experience redemption and grace.

Anyone can do this.  I have a group of friends preparing for a monthly cross making as I type this. Chapter 18 gives some wonderful ideas for what to do with your crosses such as condolence gifts to grieving friends, family, loved ones, baptism gifts at your church, housewarming gifts and so many others.  Some of my own ideas for the crosses your and your group make are new baby gifts, new mom gifts, and youth groups can visit nursing homes or the homebound of your church with the crosses they’ve made and prayed while making.  Honestly, the possibilities are endless.

Here are some resources thanks to Paraclete Press.

Preview: Chapter 8 – The Holy Spirit at Work

Chapter – 14 The Story Told by Your Cross

Chapter 15 – Sharing Your Story:  The Communality of the Cross

Making Crosses Facebook Group

Making Crosses Online Community

Making Crosses is a quick, easy read, full of inspiration and ideas. There are activities listed and room for your own notes.

Making crosses will not only affect the maker but also the receiver of the gift, if you choose to give your crosses away.

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Michelle Pendergrass prays visually and wants to make crosses soon. She’ll post pictures at her blog.

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