Don Miller on the Church’s Effect on Literature

Kimberly Culbertson

Don Miller has a great post up this week called “Is Church Life Stifling Your Creativity?”  Here at Relief, we’ve often had to carefully straddle the line between offending our Christian audience (people who keep Relief alive while asking many of the questions that Miller lists) and offending our sense of craft and Relief’s mission to bring the authentic to light. So check out his post and let us know what you think–we’re eager to hear.

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Kimberly Culbertson is the Founding Editor of Relief. These days serves on the board of ccPublishing, NFP (the company that publishes Relief and The Midnight Diner), alongside many other adventures. She and her husband live in Bloomingdale, Illinois, with their dog Latte. Their family-by-choice daughter, son, and godson now reside in California, and they are expecting their first biological child in February 2011.

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