Announcing 5.2 Fiction Authors

Thomas Allbaugh
"A Point of Saturation"

Thomas Allbaugh is an Associate professor of English at Azusa Pacific University in Southern California, where he teaches writing, rhetoric, nonfiction, and composition. In addition to having a short story published in ˆ last fall, he has also had work appear recently in Pedagogy, Writing on the Edge, Blue Moon Review, Studio: a Journal of Christians Writing, and Mars Hill Review. His essay on Flannery O’Connor and nihilism was included in Doing Good, Departing from Evil: Research Findings in the Twenty-First Century, edited by Carole J. Lambert. He has also written Pretexts for Writing, a textbook for First Year writing.
Meg Eden

Meg Eden has been published in various magazines and anthologies, including Rock & Sling, The Science Creative Quarterly, anderbo, Gloom Cupboard, and Crucible. Her chapbook The Girl who Came Back was given first honorable mention of NFSPS’s University level Poetry award. She is currently working with a literary agent with the hopes of publishing novel works.
Virginia Hernandez
"Sins of the Mother"

Virginia Hernandez lives in sunny Florida with her marvelous husband and terrific kids. She reads way more than she writes and needs to fix that ASAP.
Joshua Hren
"Wrecking Ball"

Joshua Hren is hurrying through the night to complete his creative dissertation In the Wine Press, which is being published serially by Dappled Things, a journal of art, ideas, and faith. Once he completes this novel, he will receive his Ph.D. in English from UW-Milwaukee, where his major areas of emphasis are Religion and Literature and the Political in Philosophy and Fiction. He works as adjunct instructor of English at Concordia University and is the newly-born father of a daughter Anaya and a son Soren, both of whom were carried and delivered by his indefatigable wife Brittney, who, more than a mother, is nevertheless under consideration for beatification for her mothering alone.
Samantha Monaghan
"An Ill-Defined Problem"

Samantha Monaghan is a recent graduate of Roberts Wesleyan College, where she earned a degree in Communication. She grew up outside of Philadelphia and now lives in Rochester, NY, with her sister and the mouse they are convinced lives under their fridge.

About Ian David Philpot

Ian David Philpot is the Web Editor for ccPublishing and the Web Content Developer for Willow Creek Community Church. He recently received his Bachelor’s in English at Northern Illinois University and spent one year in Columbia College Chicago’s Fiction Writing program. He writes fiction, poetry, and music. Ian prefers black to white, vanilla to chocolate, and only eats yellow cake.

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