Cauliflower, Christianity, and Short Fiction

6.1 fiction contributor Caralyn Davis describes her ineluctably Christian imagination. Last week I crunched my way through four colors of cauliflower: standard creamy white; rich amethyst; Day-Glo cheddar; and a white tinged with veins of violet. The web of tailgate markets crisscrossing my adopted hometown of Asheville, NC, allows me to indulge in multihued crucifers. However, when all is said and done, I’m still eating the vegetable cauliflower, not a chocolate bar or a muffin.

Our Turn to Remember Ray Bradbury

Ray Bradbury died on June 5 after a lengthy illness. We at Relief try not to be foolishly nostalgic, so we are not "devastated" by this news, as some people put it: the man lived a vibrant, active life and had few regrets. The best way to mark his death is to pay our respects to his gift to us. Following are reflections from three of us at Relief and The Midnight Diner.