It’s a measure of my addiction to House of Cards that I wound up watching an episode on my laptop, earbuds firmly in place, while, in the same room, my wife watched Into the Wild on the television.

As my show progressed, an episode that contained a subplot about a local BBQ joint that gained sudden notoriety, I found my gaze vacillating between my screen and the one behind it. It’s an all-too-familiar feeling—my attention tentative, or skittering along the surface tension of reality. Read More

Go and do likewise

2 Good Samaritan_1890_Vincent van Gogh
In rereading Victor Hugo’s collected works , I was struck by the ire the author held against the church. Victor Hugo had no issue with the divine but rather with the bureaucrats with “large mitres” who built institutions to “administrate” the sacred. Today, we are made to feel small in the modern church . If we haven’t brought in new “pelts” to the pews, we haven’t lived up to Jesus’ great commission. Read More

Gods and Janitors

1 Gods and Janitors
Of the gods, my favorite is Janus. He was the god of beginnings, transitions and portals. The month of January is named after him. His name heads the oldest lists of Roman gods. His temples were oddly small and made of wood, yet, he was sometimes referred to as divom deus, or god of gods. He was said to be present at the beginning of time and guards the gates of heaven. He was invoked at the celebration of every other god and he alone was worshiped at the first of each month. He is usually depicted with two faces, one bearded and one smooth-shaven, one looking aft, and one fore. Read More

The Study of Contrasts


“Well, you know what they say, right?” The portly Christian gentleman leaned back in his chair, nodding confidently at his conversation partner. “The Secret Service trains their agents in detecting counterfeit money by only giving them real money to study. See, if you just focus on the real stuff, the fakes are obvious. That’s how it goes with truth, you know.” Read More

Grant Us Peace


Pleni sunt caeli et terra gloria tua.
Osanna, Osanna in excelsis.

Benedictus qui venit in nomine Domini.
Benedictus qui venit.
Osanna, Osanna in excelsis.

Agnus Dei, qui tollis peccata mundi,
Agnus Dei qui tollis peccata mundi,
Dona nobis pacem.