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What we Print
We are looking for original, unpublished poetry and stories that reflect reality as honestly as Scripture reflects reality. Noah drank too much; Moses committed murder; David committed adultery; Tamar was raped; the Psalmists lamented; Solomon praised sex; Jesus made fun of religious leaders; Paul and Peter argued about race. The best submissions come from those who have read our back issues and understand our mission.

We print:
Creative Nonfiction
Graphic Narrative

We also accept queries regarding author/artist interviews. Submit a description of yourself, your proposed subject and his/her work, why you think this interview is relevant for Relief, and your strategy for conducting and completing the interview to the Relief Editor.

Submissions should use a basic 12pt font like Times, Ariel, or Helvetica.

Double space your fiction and creative nonfiction manuscripts (poetry can be spaced as appropriate for the poem.)

In the document’s header, please include your name, the name of the work you are submitting, and the page number (when more than one page, that is).

Make sure the title, your name, and your contact information, especially your email address, are on the first page of the document, along with a word count for fiction and creative nonfiction or line count for poetry.

Though you may submit up to 5 poems, Poems should be submitted as separate files within one entry.

Poems that continue onto a second page should include a note of either “continued with stanza break” or “continued without stanza break.”

Submission Period
We are accepting submissions now for the Spring 2017 issue. Submissions will close on January 31. Simultaneous submissions are accepted; please notify us if your submitted work has been accepted elsewhere.

Accepted Work
At the time of acceptance, authors will be sent a publication agreement. By accepting the work, we are assuming first publication rights, but authors will retain all future rights. Some pieces from each issue may be excerpted on the website as promotion for the issue. By agreeing to publication, authors also agree to online publication of this promotional excerpt.

Authors of accepted work will receive a complimentary contributor’s copy and may purchase extra copies at a discounted rate. One author from each genre (poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction) will be distinguished as Editors’ Choice. Editors’ Choice recipients will receive two contributor’s copies.

Click here to submit your work.