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Give Me Batman, Mostly

Photo by Matias G. Martinez / CC BY 4.0

Illustration by Matias G. Martinez / CC BY 4.0

I want to play along with our pop culture superhero obsession, I do. I’ve seen the movies and the TV series, I’ve read several dozen superhero comics. My boys pretend to be the Flash and Captain America. But at the end of the day, I don’t care that awful much about Superman or the Avengers or even Spider-Man. Give me Batman.

Christians Watching Batman: A Dark Knight Dialogue

Click through to read a critical dialogue between two Christian viewers of The Dark Knight Rises, at Burnside Writers Collective. I wrote the piece after being unable to decide between my aesthetic and moral appreciation of the film and my political reservations about it.

A propos of the occasion, I also briefly discuss the relationship between the 9/11 attacks and the racialization of Bane and the League of Shadows, at least insofar as it concerns our current cultural context (and not the graphic novel mythology).

Brad Fruhauff is editor-in-chief of Relief. He also teaches English at Trinity International University.

The Real Meaning of Easter

Stephen Swanson brings you some pictures from his recent trip to Easter Central, Target.

Is there anything stronger than “WTF?” as an interrogative?

We’ve all known that Easter is not really a Christian holiday and, in some ways, never was.  However, I’m unsure of the Christian or Pagan importance of the Transformer, Spider-Man, and Spongebob “eggs” or the Batman play-set.

Batman and Joker: A must-have for every Easter basket.

Transformer/Spider-Man/Spongebob Easter "Eggs"