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Relief News Tuesday 10.20.2009

Ian David Philpot

The New Blog!!!

Just two very short weeks after we announced that we would be switching our blog (and the rest of the Relief site) to a new format, we've arrived and we feel great about it!

We do warn you that it isn't perfect yet.  While we took a lot of time making sure everything was just right, there are certain issues with this transition that can only be figured out in daily application.  If you do come across a problem, we ask that you please hold off on your concerns for at least another week.

Common Questions

What happened to all of the great content from the "old" site? It is currently under the scrutiny of a tree full of computer elves.  When they are done with it, the "old" site will have its own link in the sidebar.

When are submissions open again? Submissions will be open for Relief issue 4.1 on November 1.  To clarify our submission periods, we've made a link in the drop-down menu under Submit Your Work.

Where did the Online Submissions System go? The entire Online Submission System has moved here.  There is also a link for it in the sidebar.  Any old links to the submission system--or any links to old Relief content for that matter--are not working.  We recommend that you update any old links you may have made.

The text on this page is too small/too big/just do I change it? At the top, right hand side of the page is an image that looks like this: Aa<>.  If you click on the big A, it makes the text bigger.  If you click on the little A, it makes the text smaller.  (If you click on the arrows, you are changing the size of the margins.)