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Spring 2017

Spring 2017

The Spring 2017 issue of Relief features a full—and we think beautiful—redesign. The issue expands on Relief’s signature of excellent poetry from around the world, including new poems from old friends like Laurie Klein and Julie L. Moore. Our CNF offerings are highlighted by Catherine Ricketts' harrowing “What My Brother Wore” and a new essay by Amy Peterson, whose 2017 memoir Dangerous Territory (Discovery House) has garnered much well-deserved attention. Finally, Sally Thomas' “Noise Like a Freight Train” will satisfy the literary fiction reader with its subtle power. And there are many other gems here you’ll be pleased to discover.

Daniel Bowman, Jr.
From the Editor's Desk


Brennan Bestwick

Lynn Domina
For Sharon Who Suggests Monkeys Chattered During the Birth of Our Lord Jesus Christ //
Seeking Forgiveness without Repentance, I Invite Cain into the Confessional

Michial Farmer

Randall Freisinger
Dickering with God

Jeffrey Galbraith
Lobster Through the Heavens

Charity Gingrich
Complaint, Comply, Compline–

Carrie Heimer
The Family Waits for Her to Say Amen

Melissa Hite
Good Taste

Laurie Klein
From the Cuckoo Clock Room
Stone Coda
Guardian Products

Marjorie Maddox
Bram Stoker's Dracula


Michelle McMillian-Holifield
Bless This Sky

Andrew Miller
The Pears
The Fast

Devon Miller-Duggan
While I Am on the Mountain, Others' Children at Home Go into the Dark, Other Mothers Consume Their Young // 
The Slow Salute

Terry Minchow-Proffitt
Good Friday

Julie L. Moore
Serpent Mound
Peebles, Ohio

Melissa Reeser Poulin

David Rensberger
Parking Lot
The Intersection of Perpetual Left Turns

Debra Rienstra
Michal Remembers

Amie Sharp
On Prayer, or God in an Atom
In Praise of Migraines
Upon Franz Wright's Death I Learn He Shared a Birthday with My Father

Creative Nonfiction

Betsy K. Brown
Three Storms

John Ellis
Her, Deconstructed

Amy Peterson
Evidence of Failure

Catherine Ricketts
What My Brother Wore


David Athey
Triptych for Rublev

Zoe Fowler
Holy Basil and Mountain Thyme

Sally Thomas
A Noise Like a Freight Train

From the blog

Chrysta Brown
I Scream, America

William Coleman
In Service of a Single Word

Jayne English
Sub[urban] Creation