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Spring 2018

Spring 2018

The Spring 2018 Relief, which features striking cover art by Brenton Good, contains nearly fifty pages of writing more than the previous volume, including exciting new voices in fiction, and a graphic narrative by Suzanne Rhee. Poetry offerings are highlighted by sestinas by Tania Runyan, new work from Jeremiah Webster and Jeff Newberry, and a wide range of beautiful poems from around the country. Relief continues to engage superb CNF writers; we’re proud to publish challenging new work by D.L. Mayfield, Carly Gelsinger, and essays by poets Julie Moore and Susanna Childress. 2018 comprises one of our most complete and energizing issues to date.

Daniel Bowman, Jr.
From the Editor's Desk


James Allman, Jr.

Chris Anderson
You Never Know

Ben Egerton

Laurel Eshelman
The First Mulberry

Rachel E. Hicks
It Wasn't Odd
Just Before

Meredith Stewart Kirkwood
What I Think It Will Be Like
to Be Married to You

Jeff Newberry
Satin Flowers in Graveyards
Aubade on Black Rock Mountain

Kimberly Ann Priest
On Needing Someone to Be
a Little Like God //
Consider the Loquat

Jeannie Prinsen
Lakeside, with Jonathan

Jim Richards
Pure Speculation

Tania Runyan
You'll Know When It's Ready
Sestina for Flu Season

Courtney O'Banion Smith
The Viewing

Jeddie Sophronius
Conversation with a Bleeding
God in My Arms //
Death of the Chinese in Me

Marjorie Stelmach

Prasanta Verma

Jeremiah Webster
Letter to My Grandson
(Who is probably a cyborg) //
New Normal

Creative Nonfiction

Susanna Childress
Age Appropriate

Carly Gelsinger
Believing Will Never
Come Easy Again

D.L. Mayfield
The Irritable Woman:
Some thoughts on mothering,
pride, ambition, and despair

Julie L. Moore
Silent Night


Laura Arciniega
The Shell

Sarah Davis
What She Must See

Hillary Jo Foreman
Victoria! Victoria.

Andrew Koenig
The River

Lisa Muir
Waiting on Trillium


Christie Purifoy
A Review of Jessie Van Eerden’s
The Long Weeping: Portrait Essays


Suzanne Rhee