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Review of mY Generation

Ian David Philpot

Guest Blogger Christopher Stroner reviews mY Generation: A Real Journey of Change and Hope by Josh Riebock. To say that Josh Riebock has a handle on Generation Y is an understatement. He not only can peg us as a generation, he is this generation. Josh has a firm grasp on this generation not because he has spent time in ministry or even spent so much time talking to people from this generation, because he has, and it shows, but because living in this generation Josh has painted a poignant self portrait. He is Generation Y.

Josh credits his writing this book to some of the more influential people of this generation, like Rob Bell, Donald Miller, Tim Burton, Christopher Nolan and others. Josh writes this book using references that are common to this generation. He writes in a way that connects to each and every person of the generation. He uses illustrations that cut to the core of a generation that is broken and abused. He offers a refreshing story to a generation that lacks the community that we all desperately long for.

It was a quick read for me, which is saying a lot because I am a slow reader. Josh writes like he talks—I was able to see him speak recently—but it was more than that. It was a story that I could relate to and resonated deep within my soul, stirring something so foundational that I could do nothing but continue reading. It is a story that is written in a undefended state and one of humble brokenness. Josh uses his story and a host of other stories that have inspired and changed him. These stories drive the book to greater depth and help to leave the reader wanting more.

Josh's command of story and the use of others stories is astounding and inspires my to tell my story. All of it, not just the easy or nice parts, but the hard and down right evil parts. Josh has giving this generation and other generations a book that allows us to be fully exposed and share our deepest feelings and questions with the world. There is genuineness that comes from Josh's writing and it frees the reader to experience there own story and reach into the dark places and get dirty. Josh's story helps this generation to know that we are not alone and we need to come together to fix the growing rift that has formed between ourselves and others.

I loved this book from the moment that I picked it up; I could not put it down. It spoke so gently and so soothingly to my soul I felt as if I were talking face to face with Josh. It left me wanting more and it left me looking deep into my soul and searching my heart for some of the deepest questions and fears I have. If you took Blue Like Jazz by Donald Miller and Velvet Elvis by Rob Bell, and combined them, this book would be similar to that. Josh dares to write a fully exposed story that at the same time is insightful and can be applicable to all of Generation Y.