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A Year of Interning Ends & Coach Turns 29 (again)

Ian David Philpot

Ian David Philpot Issue 3.2 is almost printed, and we're excited to get it to you.  Every issue feels like such a relief--hahaha!--when we're done with it, and we keep feeling like each issue is just as packed with great work as the last.  I'm speaking for everyone on staff when I say that each issue we put out adds momentum to what we are doing.  We love providing this outlet for Christian authors.

I have found it to be a true blessing to be a part of Relief.  Though I have been known as an intern for the last year, I will be stepping into a new role that will start officially at the first of the year.  I will then be known as Blog Master, Web Administrator, Web Master, etc.  I haven't picked which one yet, but I'm not really concerned about that.  I will still be helping read fiction submissions, updating the blog, answer submission questions, updating Twitter, and everything else I've been helping with for the last year.

What I love about Relief is not just the writing.  It's the people surrounding and supporting Relief that have made my experience great.  I've had great opportunities to work with great people in the last year, and I can't wait to keep developing the relationships I've made with them.

A Special Thanks OR Wish Coach a Happy Birthday

Over the last year, there's been one person on staff that has answer close to 1,000 questions from me with the patience of a saint.  (And he just turned 29 for the fourth or fifth time last week.)  His name is Coach, and he has given a lot of time and energy into making Relief happen.  He is the reason that is as awesome as it is.  He is the one who tried to get a breast-like bicep on the cover of issue 3.2.  He is amazing.

If you could be so kind, wish Coach a happy birthday by commenting on this post or hop on Twitter and send him birthday wishes with the hash tag "#coachrocks".  (I personally tweeted about 10 different #coachrocks tweets over the weekend.  Can you beat me?)