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Relief Welcomes New Editor-In-Chief

Kimberly Culbertson

Kimberly Culbertson Friends, it is my pleasure to bring you big news for this week's Relief News Tuesday. In our recent issue, I announced a changing of the guard in my editorial statement.  For those of you who haven't purchased your issue yet (or who blew past the editorial statement to get to the good stuff), here's an excerpt:

There is a richness in this issue of Relief for which I am deeply thankful, because this is more than our tenth issue. With it we end one season and prepare for another. As my misfit heart has struggled with the hard questions of my own identity, and Relief’s, I’ve felt God moving me toward something new, and moving this journal, too.  So I’ll be stepping down as the Editor-In-Chief of Relief, and it is my privilege and honor to announce my successor, Christopher Fisher. We knew him first as an author, and were amazed. When we had the privilege to meet him, we were charmed. When he agreed to edit fiction for us, we could hardly believe it. In every conversation I have had with him since that day, I have been secretly excited and hopeful, aware that he would be able to take Relief to new heights when the time was right. The time is now, and I am confident that the best of Relief is yet to come.

Chris has blessed this journal at every turn. You may have read his work in Relief--his story "The Priest at Exit 53" received a Pushcart honorable mention and his essay "Scars" was stunning. As a fiction editor, he has brought forth excellence. I can't imagine a better person to guide Relief in this new season.

Next Monday, Chris will be blogging about this new adventure, so stay tuned, and prepare for wonderful things.

Peace, Kimberly