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Relief News Tuesday 3.30.2010

Ian David Philpot

Coming Soon...To Calvin!

As you heard from Michelle on Monday, we're all really excited about Calvin's Festival of Faith and Writing. We're going to have a special theme to our booth.  To give you a hint: the theme is directly related to the logo at the top of this page. :) We can't tell you every aspect about our booth quite yet because we don't want to spoil the fun, but it's going to be awesome! Register now and don't miss us!

Coming Soon...To Your Doorstep!

We have finally received a new shipment of issue 3.2! All of you who ordered issues will be receiving them soon and all new orders will be shipped after that. Click here to order one.

Issue 4.1 will also be available for order very soon! We will be opening pre-orders at a discounted price around the same time that we unveil the cover art. We are very excited about this issues as it will be the first under the new Editor-in-Chief, Christopher Fisher.