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Announcing Diner 3 Authors!

Ian David Philpot

I'm not going to lie. I was terrified when Coach handed me the keys to The Midnight Diner.  This third edition would not have come to fruition without the absolutely amazing (all volunteer!!) staff. In all my (almost) forty years, I've never witnessed people working together so flawlessly. This well-oiled machine was definitely greased by The Big Man.  I hope you enjoy reading these stories as much as I have enjoyed publishing them.

Eric Ortlund "A Thousand Flowers" Editor's Choice

Eric Ortlund teaches Hebrew and Old Testament at Briercrest Seminary in Saskatchewan, Canada. When he is not playing with his two kids, he is busy reading Gene Wolfe and Neil Gaiman and planning his next novel.

Edward Erdelac "The Blood Bay" Editor's Choice

Edward Erdelac was born in Indiana, educated in Chicago, and lives in the Los Angeles area with his family. He is an award winning screenwriter, an independent filmmaker, a sometime Star Wars contributor, and the author of Merkabah Rider: Tales of a High Planes Drifter, the acclaimed first installment in a weird western series from Damnation Books.

Brian J. Hatcher "Clockworks of Hell" Editor's Choice

Brian J. Hatcher is an author, poet, and editor from Charleston WV. His work has appeared in the "Legends of the Mountain State" series, the poetry anthology "Leonard Cohen: You're Our Man", the Stoker-award winning "Writers Workshop of Horror", and Weird Tales Magazine. Brian will be appearing in "The Terror at Miskatonic Falls", "Blood Lite 2: Overbite", and the fourth volume of "Legends of the Mountain State". "Mountain Magic: Spellbinding Tales of Appalachia", Brian's first anthology as editor, will be coming out sometime this fall. Keep up with Brian at

Kevin Brown Kevin Brown "Monster Made"

Kevin Brown has had work published in over one hundred journals and magazines, and has won numerous competitions and fellowships. He was also nominated for a 2007 Journey Award and a Pushcart Prize. His first short-story collection, Ink On Wood, is forthcoming from Virgogray Press. His website is:

Kevin Lucia Diner Alumni "Lonely Places"

Kevin Lucia is the Review Editor for Shroud Magazine. His short fiction has appeared in several anthologies. He's currently finishing his Creative Writing Masters Degree at Binghamton University, he teaches high school English and lives in Castle Creek, New York with his wife and children. He is the author of Hiram Grange & The Chosen One, Book Four of The Hiram Grange Chronicles. Visit him on the web at

Greg Mitchell Greg Mitchell Diner Alumni "Flesh and Blood"

As a child, Greg Mitchell was afraid of monsters. So, naturally, when he grew up, he devoted his life to writing stories about people shooting monsters in their hairy faces. He has contributed to the Star Wars continuity as well as the Halloween franchise based on the original John Carpenter film. The first novel in his “The Coming Evil” faith-versus-fear series, “The Strange Man”, was originally self-published in 2007, and a revised and expanded edition is due out February 2011 from Realms Fiction. While he’s not writing about monsters, he, his wife Meghan, and their two daughters can be found preparing for the inevitable zombie apocalypse at their home in northeast Arkansas. Check him out

M.L. Archer Diner Alumni "Virtuoso"

A native of Los Angeles, M.L. Archer, has been writing fiction since the age of eight . . . the same year she started violin lessons. An alumnus of the St. Louis Youth Orchestra, under Leonard Slatkins's direction, she went on to play with a number of adult groups including everything from The Way Orchestra to the Grand Ol' Opry. She owns a magic violin named Max and is always pleased when her two favorite subjects, writing and the violin, manage to meet.

Douglas Kolacki Douglas Kolacki "Cloak"

Douglas Kolacki began writing while stationed with the Navy in Italy, where he received his first story earnings in a Red Cross contest. Since then he has placed fiction in Dragons Knights & Angels, Mindflights, Dreams & Visions and Weird Tales. He currently lives and writes in San Diego.

Lon Prater "Way of Cold Teeth"

Lon Prater is an active duty Navy officer by day, writer of odd little tales by night. His short fiction has appeared in the Stoker-winning anthology Borderlands 5, Writers of the Future XXI, and Origins Award finalist Frontier Cthulhu. He is an avid Texas Hold’em player, occasional stunt kite flyer, and connoisseur of history, theme parks and haunted hayrides. To find out more, visit

Chris Mikesell Diner Alumni, Contributing Editor "Hanlon's Folly"

If you were to take a dictionary and highlight all the words in it that pertain to Chris Mikesell, you would wind up with a hefty fine for defacing library reference materials. You would also probably be left with plenty of ink in your Hi-Liter. Chris lives in suburban Dallas with his wife (Dina), his son (Philip), and his regrets (a few, but then again, too few to mention) and teaches Sophomore English (think you're smarter than a 10th Grader? Visit his class website at His fiction has appeared in DKA (now Mindflights), Ray Gun Revival, and the previous editions of Coach's Midnight Diner. He has no interest in cliff diving, but has no objection to living vicariously through the lives of his characters.