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Ian David Philpot

Ian David Philpot shares a few things he found on StumbleUpon.

If you haven't discovered StumbleUpon, then let me give you a summary of how it works: 1) go to, 2) signup or login, 3) hit the "Stumble" button on the top left, 4) wave goodbye to the next two hours. It basically sends you to random websites. You can setup your interests and it will send you to websites that fall into those categories.

So I found out about StumbleUpon almost a year ago, and there are a few things I've found that are interesting. One of those is It gives you one word and you write about it for sixty seconds. It's pretty awesome. There's also a cool graphic I found that explains the sleep levels in the movie Inception. Totally helped.

But on Monday, I found a cool blog post from Max Andrew Dubinsky's website, The post, "A Gentleman’s Guide to Staying Cool in the 21st Century," and it rocked my socks off. And as of yesterday, Max added a post titled "A Gentleman's Guide to the Holidays." Another winner, but it gets bonus points for being seasonal.

So, while I'm just copping out from writing a real blog by ungentlemaningly gushing about some guy whose blog I just started reading, seriously check him out. It's like my mom has told me since I was 12, "Good writers read good writers."