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Ian David Philpot

I've been struggling recently with finding time to journal. It's not that I even care much about chronicalling my life. I just love it when I put my pen to paper and get something out. Instead, I've been using Google Docs to write. And there's a lot of positive things about holding my writing in a place I can access anywhere I have a computer--which is everywhere recently--but it's just not the same.

But recently, I found an answer in "9 Lists to Keep Updated, and Keep Handy." Actually, I stumbled across it...on StumbleUpon. (It seems everything cool I've found recently is because of that site.) I call it micro-journaling, and it's started to change my life.

Basically, the author had a journal he wasn't using, so he started making different sections in the journal to list out things like "Things I Want," "Gift Ideas," etc. The list that has been my favorite so far is  "BHAGs" (Big Hairy Audacious Goals). Maybe it's because I just entered the grownup world and I'm about get married, but the pages have been filling up quickly.

What lists do you keep in your journals?

Ian David Philpot is the Web Editor for ccPublishing and the Web Content Developer for Willow Creek Community Church. He recently received his Bachelor's in English at Northern Illinois University and spent one year in Columbia College Chicago’s Fiction Writing program. He writes fiction, poetry, and music. Ian prefers black to white, vanilla to chocolate, and only eats yellow cake.