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Love Relief

Michelle Pendergrass

<---love is... a want

We want to keep bringing you Relief Journal. In print. eBook. Hopefully in other eReader formats soon.

We want to keep publishing phenomenal new writers and fabulous established authors.

We want to remain on the radar of literary journals (with a Christian worldview.)

We want to keep offering an outlet for stories that paint a complete picture of Christ and life –- real, gritty, painful, wonderful, this-side-of-heaven life.


we have

a need...


We're not in (the negative.) We're thinking in proactive terms and anticipating financial needs for 2011.

We don't need a lot. Our goal is $1500.

...a want and a need brought together.

Love is--->

all about communication

If we could wildly spend unlimited amounts of cash, we'd be doing all dreamy things.

But the reality is we only have so much and it only goes so far. We are dedicated to being good stewards of the blessings we've received thus far. We're an all volunteer staff. No one gets rewarded with cash. We're rewarded with heavenly crowns. We do this because we LoveRelief. The mission, the people, and the hard work. From Valentine's Day to Tax Day, you'll be hearing from our volunteers. They'll tell you why they work so hard for so little.

The $1500 we're asking for will help to pay our printer. The US Post Office for shipping and the cost of our PO Box. Office Depot for shipping supplies. It will help pay for our web presence. Our e-junkie account so we can sell you copies online. Our bank fees. It will help pay our yearly fees to the government.

It will help us start 2011 in confidence. Knowing that we'll have fundage in the bank allows our staff to focus on what we consider the important thing: Excellent stories.

We're communicating our need.

We're hoping you LoveRelief enough give a little so that we can continue giving you what we love--this journal.

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