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Pinging a Post-Conversion Scrooge

Brad Fruhauff

What does Relief want for Christmas?

The same thing we want every year: money.

Not for ourselves, of course - we're still an all-volunteer staff - but to keep us solvent and able to offer high-quality print books in our lo-tech virtual world. We're also a 501(c)3 non-profit, so when we ask for money the government is looking over our shoulders to make sure it goes back into the business - no stockholders or CEOs to pay off, here, which is why you're not likely to see an Occupy Relief anytime soon.

But the fact of the matter is that we're still a very small company and we're made of creatives rather than accountants and marketers, so we're still learning how to keep up a steady stream of income in between print runs.

That makes us both Ignorance and Want in the current economy. We have 5.2 all ready to go, and I'm personally very excited about it, but we're a bit shy of where we'd like to be to print and ship it.

So, what we're asking is that you consider giving Relief for Christmas Twelfth Night (Jan.6, Epiphany, the namesake of the Twelve Days of Christmas). We'll keep the print version available at the pre-sale price of $11.47 a little longer, and we also have the eBooks for only $4.99 (those you can get for Dec. 25th; see right --->). Either one would make a great gift and set you right with the cosmos1 to begin the new year.

If you've already bought a book, consider buying one for a friend. If you've bought an eBook, consider the same. We know there are workarounds for digital files, but this is about supporting something valuable.

Alternatively, if you have a heart like a converted Scrooge, bursting with Christmas spirit and looking for an outlet, or if you know someone who fits this description, we also welcome last-minute, tax-write-off donations.

Some relevant Christmas-y links:

1 Editor's Note: Relief does not endorse a kharmic view of the universe.