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APB: Submit and Resubmit!

Brad Fruhauff

Photo via S@Z's Flickr photostreamTell your friends and family: Relief needs your poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, images, graphic narrative, etc.! Dear readers,

As many of you know, we had some trouble with Asian hackers back in July. While we have happily recovered our blog, one exceptionally sad consequence of this is that we have lost our old submission system. I'm not a computer guy, but my people who are can only sigh and tell me, over and again, that it's lost.

Let me assure you that no informationto our knowledge, has been compromised; the system has simply been corrupted beyond the reach of modern medicine, and at least one of us may have heard God say, "Look, my child, it's lost. Let it go."

That means we need to get back as many of the submissions as we can ASAP. If you or someone you love submitted to us since May 1, we need you/them to resubmit your work!

We have a new submission system that should be more hacker-proof. Click the Submit option in the menu above or right here.