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Relief News Thursday 7.8.2010

Ian David Philpot

Rock & Sling returns!

If you follow Relief's twitter account, then you may remember hearing us mention @rockandsling back in April when we were at the 2010 Festival of Faith & Writing.  In case you missed the tweet, we were announcing the return of a fellow Christian literary journal, Rock & Sling.

Rock & Sling disappeared from the literary world a couple years ago, but they have returned with the backing of Whitworth University.  They are presently offering subscriptions, and we recommend you look into getting one.  After you've signed up for a subscription for Relief, of course. ;)

Be sure to check them out at

Free .pdf of 4.1

If you received a copy of Relief 4.1, then we have an offer for you to get a free copy of the .pdf file so you can read it on your computer, e-book reader, etc.  All you have to do is write a review of Relief 4.1 on or  Once you've posted a review, put the link in a comment to this post, and we will send you the .pdf of 4.1 within 24 hours.  (Offer expires July 24, 2010.)

Relief News Tuesday 3.23.2010

Ian David Philpot

Review of 3.2

"Karen" at wrote a review of Relief Issue 3.2 (find it HERE).  We appreciate when people write reviews of our journal, so if you have written one or want to write one, let us know so we can feature it in RNT.

A new online journal has arrived on the scene under the name: "Junk, a Literary Fix."  If you head on over to, you can see the start of a brand new creative nonfiction journal headed by Tim Elhajj.  While Junk is not proclaiming itself as a faith based journal, they are open to CNF from the faith perspective.

Junk is still gearing up before it's completely launched, but in the meantime they're doing their best to build community over at, so read more about what Junk is/is looking to be there..

Calvin in < 1 Month

We're getting closer and closer to Calvin's Festival of Faith and Writing, and we are all so excited for it!  If you haven't signed up yet, hurry!  If you are signed up, we can't wait to see you there either during the Relief panel or at our booth.