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Relief News Tuesday 2.16.2010

Ian David Philpot

Submission Period Coming to a Close

Submissions for Relief Issue 3.2 will be closing March 1.  The submission system will not open again until May 1.  Submission guidelines can be found under the "Submit Your Work" tab at the top.

While you're thinking about submitting to Relief, you may want to take a look at Christopher Fisher's question series: "What Happens in This story?" "I Know What Happens, but Who Really Cares?" "Is This the Best I Can Do?" and "An End to Questions." (I apologize in advance for the broken links within those posts.  Just don't click anything on the old site and you'll be fine.)

You might also want to check out "10 Common New Writer Mistakes."  The list, from Mary DeMuth at, is includes the usual "Dangling Participle" and "Too Many Modifiers," but Mary also includes "Lack of Passion" (an extremely important aspect of writing that is almost never mentioned in an English classroom) and "Purple Speaker Tags"--which I had never even heard of before.


Finally, I'd like to present you with this absolutely incredible story:

Tim & Jill's Wedding (#70) by lovewithoutagenda.Tim & Jill's Wedding

This story is perfect for Valentine's Day.  It comes from Tricia McCurry and can be found HERE.  It was written for Love Without Agenda, a fantastic organization looking to "inspire, network, and fund social innovators who are changing the world one act of love at a time."  While I could go on and on about LWA, the real story is about Tim and Jill and the love that they share.  Their story is simple and unique--just like love should be.  After Tricia's piece, there are 197 beautiful pictures that are absolutely moving.  Go check it out.