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Relief News Tuesday 1.12.2010

Ian David Philpot

Congratulations to Allison Smythe!

Congratulations to author Allison Smythe, whose essay "The Significance of Place" (Relief 2.1) has been listed as "Notable" in Best American Spiritual Writing 2010 (now published by Viking Penguin).

Best American Spiritual Writing is an annual anthology edited by Philip Zaleski. Out of hundreds of essays, thirty were selected for publication in this year's edition, and another twenty-five (including Allison's!) are given honorable mention as "Other Notable Spiritual Writing of the Year."

Another notable item

As you may have noticed, we haven't featured a photo haiku on the blog in two months.  We are doing our best to bring this feature back, but we did notice something that we thought you might like:

Michelle Pendergrass, Editor of The Midnight Diner, has started her first in a year-long series of themed photo postings on her website.  This week's theme is Hope, and Michelle's picture of it is beautiful.  (The story behind it makes it even better!)  Check out her picture here.

As of right now, there are two people who I've found that took up the challenge.  One is this post from Karina, and the other is this post from Heather A. Goodman (whose poetry you can find in Relief 3.1!).