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The Old Blog Is Back and Coach Retires


The Old Blog Lives Again!

For those of you who were pining for the days of old, for the old Relief blog, I have good news: it's alive again. You can click on this picture of it to jump over there:

Sorry it took so long. I think Ian The Web Editor will be starting to move content from the old one to this site before too awful long.

Coach Retires from Relief and The Diner

So most of you already know that the Diner is good hands with the new Editor-In-Chief, Michelle Pendergrass, and I'm also retiring from Relief as well. Oh sure, I'll still be around in case something blows up, but Relief is in good hands with the crew we've built.

I'm going on to other ventures, and you can watch those ventures unfold over at and . I'm moving into the public speaking world, and into the apologetics world, giving Christians and pre-Christians answers to their biggest questions from a more logical, philosophical, and sometimes even scientific perspective. Should be big fun.

And oh yeah, I'm still refining the Write A Book in 30 Days Video Coaching Course over at

It's been a good run, and I've learned a HUGE amount of stuff, and made connections with amazing people that I never would have been able to know otherwise. I'm deeply grateful to all of you, our staff, readers, and authors, for allowing this radically different approach to Christian publishing to exist.

Keep the dream alive, gang!

Your friendly neighborhood tech guy, Coach Culbertson