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Relief News Tuesday 2.9.2010

Ian David Philpot

A Note from the Web Editor

Normally I don't write the news blogs in a personal way, but with all of the great (or not so great) speeches that have been given in the last couple weeks, I'm now giving a State of the Website address. (Not to be confused with a State of the Website Address address where I mention changing our web address from to so we can advertise anti-depressants in the margins.  It is at this point that I would like to apologize for my unnecessary digression.)

Settled In

For the last four months, we've been calling what you are looking at right now "The New Website."  But as of right now, I am forever changing it to "The Website."  "The Olde Websyte" will always be the old site, but this format is no longer new to us.

Why does that matter?

Since we are no longer considering this a "new" website, we are very welcome to any suggestions to changes or corrections that can be made.  Before now, we were still testing things out to see what we liked.  We will always be trying new things, but we're pretty happy with what we've got right now.

Also, since this isn't new, we will be doing our best to develop the site by creating a Staff page, a Blogger Columnist page, and by updating the donation page and our shop.

With that said, we do need some feedback.  We don't plan on changing the colors or our logo, but making sure the site is easy enough to navigate is very important to us.  If you've got a suggestion, leave it in the comments.