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Relief News Tuesday 2.8.11

Kimberly Culbertson

Relief Issue 5.1

The Relief staff is hard at work putting the finishing touches on the upcoming issue. If you didn't catch yesterday's blog, check out Editor-In-Chief Chris Fisher's post about how the cover captures the theme of the issue. Next week, we'll be announcing the winners of our Editor's Choice Prize in each genre, so stay tuned!

Ready to pre-purchase your copy at a discounted price? Click here.

Love Relief?

We do, too. The truth, though, is that this economy has been pretty hard on artistic ventures like literary journals. Though times are tough, we're committed to bringing you many more issues of Relief and The Midnight Diner. So we're about to get creative in order to make ends meet. Next week we'll give you the chance to get involved and to show a little love.

Relief News Thursday 5.27.2010

Ian David Philpot

Official 4.1 Cover

It's right there in the sidebar, and doesn't it look great?!

4.1 Presales

If you want to get yourself a copy of issue 4.1 for 25% off, you have three and a half more days to do so.  Presales for 4.1 will only be good until 11:59 PM on May 30. So hurry up and order a copy already!

New Buy Page

Our Web Editor--who is writing about himself in the third person right now--was up very late last night perfecting a new streamlined Relief store. This is because we will soon be offering all of our issues as eBooks for your computer, Kindle, Sony Reader, etc.  We are also discussing expanding our store to include the infamous Relief mug, as seen in pictures below. (We can't make any promises about adding it yet, but if you let us know how much you love it, the chances of it becoming available increase by 100 times--I promise.)

Attention 4.1 Authors

If you are a 4.1 author, please check the e-mail account connected to your Online Submission System account for an e-mail from me. There is some time sensitive information in there, and I don't want you to miss it.

Relief News Thursday 5.13.2010

Ian David Philpot

Presales are here!!!

As you can see in the side panel, presales for issue 4.1 are all ready! Order now to ensure that you reserve a copy from the first round of printing.

Also, just under the Relief presales, Lisa Ohlen Harris's new book, Through the Veil, is also available for presales. We've featured two pieces on our blog that didn't make it into her book. They can be found HERE and HERE.

Please support both Relief and Lisa Ohlen Harris by ordering copies of both books.

The official unofficial cover

As you can see in the presale portion of the sidebar, we have a cover for issue 4.1. While it may look impressive there, we're making the final touches to it before we send it off to be printed. When we get the polished cover, it will be featured all over the blog for you to marvel at. Until then, hold on to your feelings of reverence just a bit longer.

* * *

And...Today is Ian's birthday!

This is Michelle sneaking on unbeknownst to Ian.  Everyone please wish our Web Editor (and person we cannot live without) a very happy birthday!!